Kid Entrepreneurs is the first ever Entrepreneurial Development centre for kids in Nigeria. We are extremely passionate about sparking up the Entrepreneurial skills in kids and we do this through three major platforms – Entrepreneurial Products, Entrepreneurial Events and Entrepreneurial Courses (P.E.C).

We firmly believe that entrepreneurship is the dream of our nation and since kids are the biggest dreamers, it only makes sense to introduce them early in life to the concept of entrepreneurship.

Kid entrepreneurship isn’t about having kids focus all their time on business instead of school, rather, it is about helping kids develop necessary life skills that cannot be taught at school but can certainly be cultivated in the course of running their own micro businesses. Skills like Leadership, self-confidence, resilience, problem solving, financial literacy, independence, networking, creativity, effective communication, generosity, goal setting and many others.

It is commonly said that “it is never too late to start”, we are saying “it is NEVER TOO EARLY TO START”, because during childhood, kids are at their most mouldable stage in life which therefore makes it by far the best time to introduce them to skills that will be beneficial to them their whole life irrespective of what career they choose to pursue in the future.

Our vision and hope, is that by introducing kids to entrepreneurship, they will develop to become responsible and independent members of society who have been delivered from the poisonous entitlement mentality that is prevalent in our society today.