The Kid Entrepreneurship Centre also known as the KENT Centre is primarily focused on raising the next generation of entrepreneurs that will change the trajectory of our nation for better. We use our P.E.C platforms- Products, Events and Courses (P.E.C) to introduce kids to the concept of entrepreneurship in the most fun and less intrusive ways.

Our Products are majorly kids toys that are entrepreneurial in concept because we know that “Play is the Highest form of research” according to Albert Einstein. Some of our products include the Kid Entrepreneur Business Start-up Kit, ATM piggy banks, Grocery stalls and many others.

Our Events include Kids Business fairs (link), Kids Entrepreneurial conferences, Kid Entrepreneurs business trips and Kid Entrepreneurs Awards ceremony

Our Courses are project based courses that help kids plan and launch their own micro businesses

Why we do what we do

1. To help increase the number of businesses that pass from generation to generation.

2. To help parents socially educate their kids in areas where schools are falling short

3. To help kids grow up with skills that assure them of a limitless future.

4. To equip kids with skills they need to change the trajectory of our nation for good.

5. To help discover the genius in every child and use that genius to change our world for the better.